Cider and Mead Training

Mead and cider – thousand years of tastes and traditions. Being good alternatives to wine and beer, the popularity of mead and cider is on the rise and we have high quality raw material for brewing as well as educated consumers.

Practical daily training course for all interested of mead and cider.


  • Cider and mead: traditions and health
  • Equipment and instruments
  • Ingredients – characteristics and blending possibilities
  • Primary and secondary fermentation
  • Technology of brewing: from must to final product
  • Tasting of home brewed drinks
  • Practical work: brewing of cider and mead


Lecturer: Rein Lillak

  • Experienced lecturer, trainer and scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project manager


The time, place and order of payment can be specified in agreement with customer.

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Phone: +372 5558 9304

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