Beer Training

Beer is a fermented drink which has been brewed by our ancestors for thousands of years. Beer was part of the daily diet, it was used in religions practices and as a payment instrument.

We would like to preserve and develop that historical, cultural and culinary heritage.


Practical daily training course for beginners.


  • Beer: long traditions and health
  • Brewing equipment and instruments
  • Ingredients
  • Malting, mashing, fermenting, maturing
  • Weather to drink or to enjoy
  • Tasting of home brewed beers
  • Practical workshop: brewing of beer


A good opportunity to open the door into the exciting world of beer brewing under supervision of experienced instructor.

Lecturer: Rein Lillak

  • Experienced lecturer, trainer and scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project manager


The time, place and payment order can be specified in agreement with customer.

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Phone: +372 5558 9304

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