Wine Training

Why to drive to Latvia if good and tasty house wine could be made also from home grown berries and fruits? Why to use the surplus of fruits and berries for compost if we could use them for producing enjoyable drinks?


Practical daily study course for those who are interested about making fruit-wine


  • Primary and secondary fermentation
  • Brewing equipment and instruments
  • Fruit wine ingredients
  • Wine making technology steps
  • Wine and health
  • To drink or enjoy; if to enjoy, then how
  • Practical workshop: making of fruit wine


Good opportunity to open the door into the exciting world of wine making under supervision of experienced instructor

The knowledges and skills are shared by Rein Lillak:

  • Experienced lecturer, trainer and scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project manager


The time, place and order of payment can be specified in agreement with customer.

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Phone: +372 5558 9304

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